November 11, 2010

Living Bones!

Amen! God is very good. We are just leaving the Fire conference where thousands have been blessed by powerful teaching from Evengelist Daniel Kolenda on Acts 3 and Peter van den Berg on Ezekiel 37. The Holy Spirit ministered today and lives changed for eternity. Pastors and teachers will be leaving more equiped and empowered to speak Gods words and face up to some of the challenges in their lives.

We are going to have a rest now, before heading back to the crusade  this evening. Continue to pray for the CfaN team as they work very hard, Reinhard Bonnke is speaking tonight.

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Richard Meikle

The 2010 UK winner. He is 31 years old from Nottingham Christian Centre. Richard brought his wife, Tara, along to Ogbomosho, Nigeria.

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