December 16, 2010

A Hint from God

What I love about God is that he gives us hints to what is to come and He does that through different ways. Earlier this year in the Spring I was driving from Taber, my home city, to Lethbridge just west of Taber by about 80 km (50 miles) when I saw in the sky a plane that was made from a formation of clouds. It was a very big plane, one that was used for international flights and I sensed that I was receiving something from our Lord. I found it interesting because I travel by plane from time to time for work however I knew this was not work related because the planes I fly with for work are small. At the time I was praying about a trip to India that I was planning so I thought it might be a reference to those plans and I kept this picture in my heart.

Our Father in heaven speaks to us in different ways as He did to Moses in a burning bush and to Joseph and Mary by angels and there are the prophets who gave hints, direction and correction to many like King David so I sensed this was the Father giving me a time when I would be traveling by plane again to a foreign land and I was calmly excited.

Anyway, during the summer of this past year I was still praying about India and for some reason kept putting off making arrangements. One of the pastors that I would be with called me in August and asked if I had solid plans for India as he would put an itinerary together for the time that I would spend with him. As I prayed I thought that maybe now was not the time for India and that maybe in the New Year it would be better. As it turned out I won a trip to Africa through Christ For All Nations and was heading to Ogbomosho, Nigeria on November 8th instead of India. Jesus knew where I was going and gave me a hint of it in the Spring…

Just before I left for Nigeria I was speaking to my Chiropractor, Dr. Sharon and mentioned to her how I saw this plane in the sky as a message from God for me. I loved when she said she would need to pay better attention to her surroundings so she could hear from God in a new way as well. I was so delighted to find out that she was a sister in the Lord too! What fun.

About the Author

Carrie Ross

The 2010 Canadian winner. She is a Catholic convert who traveled to Ogbomosho with her daughter-in-law Amanda.



    derek lee

    I have been on a few aid missions to africa and have been considering going again this year. when I came across this free mission trip to Nigeria and having watched the full flame DVD’s. I feel a great excitment in my spirit at the prospect of the possibility of being part of such a mission.

    Blessings in Christ Derek Lee



      Hi Derek, If the Lord is impressing to you that you will be a part of a mission such as this that is very exciting for you. For certain. I pray that you will be blessed in this way too. Nice to read your comment. Bless you, Carrie

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