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November 13, 2010

Entering the Contest

I am not a big Facebooker but it sure is a great tool at times and so it was that I happened to be on Facebook when I saw an “advertisement” for a contest. It was about the middle of September 2010 and as I was reading the advert I got very excited. Reinhard Bonnke!!! He would be someone that I would most definitely want to hang out with! Without hesitation I entered the contest on line and a about a week later an acknowledgement came in the mail. I replied as they requested and then received a confirmation as a registered contestant. This was great to me! I prayed that the Lord would let me go and be apart of this wonderful crusade and this mighty man of God.

About the Author

Carrie Ross

The 2010 Canadian winner. She is a Catholic convert who traveled to Ogbomosho with her daughter-in-law Amanda.