November 2, 2010

7 Days to Nigeria

Wow!! The excitement and expectation is starting to set in. We are going to Nigeria, Africa with one of the most powerful ministries in the World in our day. My wife and I spent some time in prayer yesterday afternoon praying for the trip and the team members that will be present.¬† As we really got into prayer the Holy Spirit began to emphasise some things to us¬†during this time of prayer. Specifically these words kept coming to us: Unity, OPEN HEAVEN and Anointing! Our prayer is for the Unity of the Spirit to be amongst us and all that are involved. As we began to lift up Brother Reinhard and Daniel…tears began to flow and the phrase Open Heaven kept coming. We believe they will minister under a strong anointing and the heavens will be open in these meetings in Nigeria. We will continue to pray and we ask that everyone lift up Christ for All Nations and the team members. God is up to something in Nigeria!!! We can’t wait to meet everyone and to report what God is doing in these meetings. See everyone soon!

About the Author

Ikem Grigsby

The 2010 United States winner. He & his wife, Robin, took the trip to Ogbomosho, Nigeria. They have 4 children who were very eager to see what God was going to do through their experience.

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