November 4, 2010

4 more days!

As the days get closer to our trip the busier we seem to get. Packing, shopping and making sure we have everthing we need for the mission field, it gets a little intense. Especially when you know where you are headed… to see thousands upon thousands hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ. CFAN has given us an opportunity of a life time and we are excited to see what God is going to do during these 8 days in Nigeria. When people hear the Gospel preached and find out how much God loves them, faith begins to rise in their hearts to receive. That combination of faith in the atmosphere and the mighty presence of the of the Holy Spirit is a combination that breeds expectation and the miraculous!! Jesus will be glorified in the earth!  WOW,  I almost starting shouting  just thinking about it!! Continue to pray for the CFAN team and the people of Nigeria. It’s going to be life changing!

About the Author

Ikem Grigsby

The 2010 United States winner. He & his wife, Robin, took the trip to Ogbomosho, Nigeria. They have 4 children who were very eager to see what God was going to do through their experience.


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