November 5, 2010

From Canada to Africa

Interview with Carrie Ross: CfaN’s Canadian Free Missions Trip Winner.

Q. Tell us Carrie how you came to know Jesus?

I attended the Catholic Church as a child and into my late twenties so I have known about God and Jesus since very little. But what really happened was I had a crisis in my life that led me to know Jesus on a more personal level. In one of my deepest needs, He met me and I gave my life to Him. He is so faithful and has given me a new life with purpose and joy and there is no going back into the world.

Q. How did you feel when you heard that you were the trip winner and did you really have any expectation of winning!

I prayed after entering and asked the Lord if He would let me go and he has honored my desire to be apart of the Christ for All Nations crusade. When Rev. John Mitchell first called to let me know I was the winner, I hung up the phone and immediately shouted for joy with a loud holler to the Lord and then cried as I expect good things from this trip.

Q. Who will be travelling with you to Nigeria?

My daughter-in-law Amanda will be joining me and I am looking forward to spending this awesome time with her.  Amanda was so excited that she called her boss immediately and together they worked it out for her to join me and Christ for All Nations.

Q. You’re employed by Viterra in Alberta. What do you do there?

I started as Manager of Agronomic Services with Viterra just under a year ago. As an agronomist (agriculturist) with Viterra I give production advice to farm producers, sales staff, handle customer product inquiries and support health and safety along with other company policies. Also, I will facilitate product trials such as crop seed varieties like canola and wheat for demonstration purposes and give agronomic lectures to the general public and staff at Viterra. My learning curve since joining has been through the roof and there have been days when I have questioned the Lord but trust knowing that He will not fail me. My vocation provides a new learning experience each day.

Q. Now that you have had time to digest that you are the winner, what aspirations do you have for the visit to Ogbomosho?

Just to be ready and available. I expect to see miracles, signs and wonders and the release of the Holy Spirit’s power to touch lives including mine.

Q. How do you think the visit will affect you?

Well I guess the first word that comes to mind is profoundly. There is no doubt in my mind that this will be a trip of a life time.

Q. How will you prepare for this trip?  Are you seeing it as an opportunity to grow spiritually?
My first preparations have been with prayer and that will continue throughout the visit. Having been on short term mission trips I have found that spiritual warfare is very important. I am most definitely looking at this as a time for spiritual growth for me and for my loved ones as well. Even though Amanda will be the only one physically with me I am asking the Lord to impact all those I love including my “church family”. Then of course the practical needs such as visa and vaccines needed to be taken care of along with finding a kennel for my black lab Samson. With the return of my visa I am even more excited and thinking about what I will take with me.

Q. Were you at all familiar with Reinhard Bonnke/Daniel Kolenda and the work of CfaN?

I have been familiar with Reinhard Bonnke for some time and have read his book Evangelism by Fire and have watched some of his DVDs. Since joining the CfAN site I am getting familiar with Daniel Kolenda and his ministry teachings and being encouraged.

Q. What did your family think about you winning the trip?

I know they are very surprised that I am the winner and some of them entered the contest too! I don’t think they expected it and it happened very fast! My children are really excited for me and know that this event is “right up my alley”!

About the Author

Carrie Ross

The 2010 Canadian winner. She is a Catholic convert who traveled to Ogbomosho with her daughter-in-law Amanda.

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