November 8, 2010

Arrival in Lagos

After a night with little sleep – as usual before an adventurous journey – we boarded the train to Frankfurt at 7 pm. I was accompanied by Lars Kortkamp, as my wife had to stay at home to look after our small son. At the airport we met Herbert Fischer, Thomas Meyer, our travelling companion, Ilka Johnnie and a cameraman. I was interviewed briefly by Herbert – a strange sensation in the middle of the airport terminal.

And then we were off – my first intercontinental flight. The plane had three rows of seats and a TV screen for each person. Now I had a chance to chat to Lars again. We had a six-hour flight ahead of us. We looked down as we flew over the Sahara Desert, had something to eat, watched a film and talked to some other passengers. It was a pleasant flight.

Then we got to know two other fellow-passengers who had also taken part in the competition to win a mission trip to Africa but did not win. They were paying for their own flight to the CfaN campaign in Ogbomosho, Nigeria.

After we had waited around for 1½ hours, the entry formalities had been completed and we had our suitcases. We were given a friendly welcome by the African CfaN team and drove the short distance to the hotel in a fairly new four-wheel-drive vehicle. Because of the bumper-to-bumper traffic, this took another hour – as did checking in at the hotel. Four hours after we had landed, we moved into our generously sized but stuffy hotel room and got ready for an Italian meal in the hotel. I ate a 5-euro lasagne, which cost 30 dollars. :-)
Finally, we all collapsed, worn out, into bed.

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Stephan Mittelstädt

The 2010 European winner. He is a student with ICI and studies Evangelism. He is a member of the Pentecostal church in Heilbronn.

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