November 9, 2010

We are here!!!

We are here…praise the Lord!  Mostly everyone who was coming with us from the western side of the earth has arrived safely in Nigeria.  Mr. Russell has been doing a great job keeping everyone together and getting us where we need to be.  My wife and I had the chance to meet Ms. Carrie and Amanda the winners of the contest  from Canada and they are awesome. It is very hot here but CFAN has taken very good care of us and  things are moving along smoothly. I can feel the excitement in the air, even though most of us have just flown into the city we are excited to see what our Father is going to do this week in Ogbomosho.  We will get some needed rest tonight then in the morning we head to Ogbomosho to join the rest of the team. It’s  nothing like being in a place where everyone has the same mind set and agenda, to see lives changed because of the Gospel and Jesus to be glorified. When you have a people joined together in unity like that, it is there the Lord commands the blessing.  Can’t wait until tomorrow!!!

About the Author

Ikem Grigsby

The 2010 United States winner. He & his wife, Robin, took the trip to Ogbomosho, Nigeria. They have 4 children who were very eager to see what God was going to do through their experience.

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    Russell Benson

    Ikem, Loving your posts! It is awesome to be in Africa with you and your wife. It is going to be an incredible week! Look forward to experiencing it with you guys. Blessings.

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