November 10, 2010

Arrival in Lagos

Richard and Tara in LagosWe arrived in Lagos yesterday morning, and after a delayed start set off on the journey in a police convoy to Ogbomoosho. We were fortunate to have some incredible drivers as we wound our way through the traffic, a very memorable journey! As we got closer to Ogbomosho, there were hundreds of people for miles lining the road in the dark cheering and waving as our convoy snaked past. There is a lot of excitement here for the crusade there are posters evrywhere we look! Due to the delay we arrived in Ogbomosho at about 9pm, just time for a quick meal, and find our beds, spiders but our resident spider is missing a leg so we should be fine!

This morning we had a great devotional time over breakfast, and Reinhard Bonnke shared a great word from Joshua 1. We are now looking forward expectantly to the start of the crusade this evening. There are a lot of big clouds around, and despite the heat we are praying that we won’t have to use our ponchos this evening. The CfaN team are a great bunch of people, and we’re really having a great time getting to know some of the people on the team.

We look forward to letting you know how we are getting on later.

Richard and Tara.

About the Author

Richard Meikle

The 2010 UK winner. He is 31 years old from Nottingham Christian Centre. Richard brought his wife, Tara, along to Ogbomosho, Nigeria.

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    Good to know you arrived safely…waiting to hear about your memorable journey through the crazy Lagos traffic.

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