November 11, 2010

At the Fire Conference

Here we are at the Fire Conference on Thursday.

About the Author

Richard Meikle

The 2010 UK winner. He is 31 years old from Nottingham Christian Centre. Richard brought his wife, Tara, along to Ogbomosho, Nigeria.



    Irene Meikle

    This is great! God is indeed good.We are so enjoying following your progress in the campaign, keep up the good reports.
    Much love to you both Mr and Mrs Meikle!


    Tim & Sheila


    God is speaking over here as well. However, he is using the wind and the rain!!!! Praying for you. Love T&S


    Nikki Needham

    hello Tara and Richard,

    You sound like you will be returing with many many stories of God at work today in a way that I, and many others back in England, have never experienced. May we have ears to hear and faith to believe.

    God bless you both and all on the team,
    love Nikki


    salome mwale

    Hello Tara and richard

    We are praying for open heavens for you guys. Enjoy the esperience and be blessed mightly

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