November 12, 2010

Adventures in Africa

Hello all, it has been a great adventure so far, one of the first surprises being how hard it is toget next to web access over here. This has been my first opportunity. We have been blessed so far in attending the Crusade, which is an outreach, spreading the gospel and leading people to Christ. This part of the conference takes place every evening. The first night there were approximately 100,00 to 150,000 people, and it has been growing since. This campaign has been a harvest ground, hungry people fining the LORD! We have witnessed healings and worship as I have never seen before.

During the day the Fire campaign runs. This is targeted to church leaders and teachers of the word. This has been a great inspiration to me as people with so few resources are giving their time to learn how to impact their own country for Christ. The messages have been thought provoking and have renewed me in my walk with the LORD.

The country itself is beautiful, tropical and warm. There are so many people just waiting for a freindly word and a smile, they run beside our bus waving. it is a blessing just to be here in this atmosphere. The hotel is an adventure all its own, but that is for a later time.

Know that we are safe, being blessed and walking with faith everyday! I miss you all!

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Carrie Ross

The 2010 Canadian winner. She is a Catholic convert who traveled to Ogbomosho with her daughter-in-law Amanda.

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