November 13, 2010

The Night Before…

It’s 915pm on Saturday night, this is our first blog of the day, because today has been quite hard to put into words. This morning we were both personally touched by God and greatly encouraged. The Fire Conference was a great success and we were blessed to be able to be a part of it.

This afternoon we hit the High Street of Ogbomosho, to do some shopping, a bit of a different experience with a police escort. It was more tiresome than normal experience in the heat, but we bought some nice Nigerian fabrics.

This evening we sat under the big, warm Nigerian sky, as the dust red dust rose as 275000 people danced and praised the Lord, a real priviledge to stand in, and dance and sing with some of God’s lovely children. Daniel Kolenda preached a great message on how Jesus reached out to Zacchaeus. A message that touched many hearts calling them to repentance.

The whole reason for the need for the crusade was brought home to us, as they were praying for the sick at the end of the service, we looked to the left of where we were standing about a metre from us a man and woman, were holding a very sickly child, desperately praying. We were both moved to tears, and went over and prayed for them. We left them in the midst of the crowd, not knowing what God is up to in that little child’s body, but knowing that he is in the Hands of the Living God. We got into the bus to go home and a lady on our trip with really bad eye sight, was sitting there beaming without her thick glasses on, her eye sight was completely restored!

Off to bed we go, looking forward to communion service in the morning and the final evening of the crusade.

Good night,

Tara and Richard.

About the Author

Richard Meikle

The 2010 UK winner. He is 31 years old from Nottingham Christian Centre. Richard brought his wife, Tara, along to Ogbomosho, Nigeria.

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    Thank you for sharing your news and experiences of the conference, it sounds amazing – although amazing feels like an inadequate word. Reading what you have written has been greatly encouraging, and is stirring something in me as well, so I am really looking forward to your return and hearing all about it! Much love x
    (p.s. how is your spider?)

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