October 23, 2012

What a Wonderful Gift!

Praise be to the Lord!!! I received a phone call from John Mitchell on our Canadian Thanksgiving Day. He told me that I was the selected winner for the free trip to Africa with CfaN. This is unbelievable! Our Heavenly Father knows to give good gifts to His children. My husband Greg and I were overwhelming with this surprise gift from heaven. It is our most remarkable Thanksgiving Day ever.

Greg and I are so looking forward to this trip that our Father picked for us. Our Daddy is so good!! We both have a heart for the lost and this is our first mission trip together as a couple. We are newlyweds married in March. The Lord is good to us by letting us to experience His glory, power, miracles and love in Ethiopia.

About the Author

Greg Malcho

The 2012 CAN winner. Greg and Candy are newlyweds married in March. Candy was born and raised in China with Buddhist background. Her life is completely changed after she met Jesus. Greg was born and raised in a Christian home in London Ontario.

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