October 25, 2012

My Heart Dances

Time is getting closer and closer, couldn’t believe that we are leaving in 10 days. We have had all our vaccines. Greg is still healthy and strong after so many shots and pills. For me, we prayed that God would help me to make a good decision for what vaccine should I really need to take. When I walked into the clinic and sat down with the nurse, she looked at my file and told me “this is what I could do for you, my suggestion is… would you like to do it in this way?” wow, that was the best suggestion for me and our prayer was answered. At the end, I told the nurse that my God would protect me wherever I go. After I walked out of the clinic, I sat in the car and had to praise and thank my Daddy God, He made things so easy, He knew what I needed and what to do.

This morning, the Holy Spirit made me realized that the great-great gift Jesus gave to me was that I could call God as Daddy. This is the best-best gift out of all I ever received in my life. When I call Him “daddy, daddy, daddy, daddy”, it makes my heart dance. I can feel it right now; my heart is dancing all over. Jesus, thank you so much for your sacrificed and brought us more closely to the Father! The Greatest gift out of all gifts you have been giving us. Praise you and love you always!

About the Author

Greg Malcho

The 2012 CAN winner. Greg and Candy are newlyweds married in March. Candy was born and raised in China with Buddhist background. Her life is completely changed after she met Jesus. Greg was born and raised in a Christian home in London Ontario.

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    Bonny Trudgeon

    Candy and Greg love you guys and pray Gods hand of protection on you as you serve Him in Africa!!Enjoy all He has for you and be blessed!!What a door he has opened for you 2 to make this trip,to serve him in such a place !!He has you there for such a time as this!!

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