October 28, 2012

One week until we leave the Czech Republic

Today we would like to introduce ourselves more. We are married for 21 years now and we have 2 sons (19 and 17 years old). We live in Liberec in Czech republic and we have our spiritual home in the Assemblies of God in Liberec
Time before our departure to missionary trip is getting shorter. Three weeks passed from the first phone call with a representative of CfaN Brett Sipek. We started getting ready for the trip.
Our initial enthusiasm has burgeoned to big expectation. We are very grateful to God, for the opportunity to make this trip. It’s a challenge for us, reward and purpose. We are looking forward to deep experiences, new encounters and action of God’s power.
ሰላም (hello in Amharic)

About the Author

Irena Hakulínová

Irena lives in the city Liberec close to Prague (Czech Republic). She knowns CfaN for about 10 years. They always have been deeply touched by the great number of people whom CfaN serves, and by the crystal clear message which is being delivered every time the gospel is preached.

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