November 9, 2012


Awesome time spreading the gospel in Ethiopia! We’re somewhat exhausted with the jet lag, fire conferences in the mornings and crusades in the evening – but all well worth it! The Ethiopians are excited about us being here, and it’s great to see there hunger and passion for the Lord! Please continue to pray for the CFAN team and for the people of Ethiopia.

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Kenneth Kulakowski



    Celia R M Gomes

    Amen, we are praying 4 them and for you, Kenneth.

    I think that what you told us about the hour difference between continents, is a wake up calling for all of us:
    For eg: When God call us during dawn to pray, and we do not answer because we are too tired, or just think that is insomnia,
    maybe is Him preparing us for this kind of job in His work.

    thank you for passing unto us your experiences.

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