August 16, 2013

A Word From Past Winner Ikem Grigsby

Watch this testimony of our 2010 USA Winner, Ikem Grigsby and how his trip to Nigeria changed his life and ministry!

About the Author

Ikem Grigsby

The 2010 United States winner. He & his wife, Robin, took the trip to Ogbomosho, Nigeria. They have 4 children who were very eager to see what God was going to do through their experience.



    Evangelist D.

    I have observed these three brothers of the Lord Christ Jesus, and it has always been a desire to walk in places with them in the Holy Spirit to share my testimony. I even had a vision of Africa long before this opportunity to register and be selected for this potential opportunity.


    Fred & Kathy

    May god bless you on your ministry, We pray for your safety; these places you go to scare us but you have the Holy Spirit with you and we’re sure Jesus is smiling on you all.


    Allan Corry

    God Bless and we pray for this ministry where the Holy Spirit to sure my Testimony for this Trip to Africa


    Frank + Eve van Lingen

    I would love to be part of a great revival meeting, I pray God will have the people who rely need to go on the trip be chosen and that their lives will be changed forever.


    Shelli Sisk

    It is true, I have been with Ikem in Ghana and participated with him in revival meetings…there is a fire of God upon his life that he burns to share with others. I praise God for the reports and the lives that are being changed from the life of Ikem and Robin Grigsby! Thank God for the impart that took place during the crusade in Nigeria!

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