November 9, 2013

The third night – a night of power!

Things just keep getting better and better! Tonight was simply incredible. As we arrived a little earlier than usual to do some promo photos for CfaN, you could almost taste the anticipation in the crowd that was rapidly growing. And trust me, when I say that none were left disappointed. Myself and Jonathan were given the all clear to go and mingle in the crowd, which gave us a totally different perspective. We went forward to be as near to the stage as possible. From here it was wonderful to be standing shoulder to shoulder worshiping Jesus with those hungry people! And wow do they know how to worship!! But for me, without any doubt the highlight of the evening was going up to a balcony over looking the stage. From this vantage point the mass sea of people was so fantastic to see. The crowd was the biggest I have seen it! And when Daniel Kolenda prayed for the Holy Spirit to fall it really was like nothing I have ever seen before. As far as I could see people were responding under the heavy glory – a sight, no picture, no video or blog can ever do to justice – simply stunningly breathtaking!
There were many, many powerful healings and miracles including the blind seeing, a deaf Muslim getting healed and saved in ‘one hit’ and many many more! What a mighty God we serve! And in response all I could hear was the most amazing choir I have ever heard and quite possibly ever will, this side of Heaven. When that African crowd sang Hallelujah, with no instrumental accompaniment, just their voices over and over again, I can only describe it as majestic! All the glory to Jesus, the lamb who was slain!!

This man had his sight restored!


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David Chambers

Born and raised in a vibrant Christian community. I have just spent the last three years living in California, graduating Bethel school of supernatural ministry, which was a life changing experience! I have a heart to see the broken restored.

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