November 14, 2013

Final thoughts on the beautiful Gospel

What an awesome week away in Accra, with Christ for all nations (CfaN). Having returned from the heat of Africa to the chill of England I am overwhelmed at God’s goodness and His love. It truly has been a life changing time and I am left with so many thoughts and feelings to process and make sense of.

I was so impressed with CfaN, the administration and organisation which must go into something of that scale and magnitude is exceptional and really is second to none!! From Daniel Kolenda, all the way through to the technicians and camera crew, each CfaN team member served with passion – one sole focus – the spread of the Gospel.

I was especially impressed with the UK CfaN team. Mark, Kerrie and Max were so welcoming, hospitable and generous. They were so honouring of Jonathan and I and went out of their way to ensure that we were looked after.

As the word of God was preached we witnessed thousands and thousands of salvations, masses of miracles and many many deliverances! With each night, the crowd increasing as hunger grew in the city. By the end of the week we had crowds of over 140,000 ready to receive good news! The presence of God was so strong and to watch from our vantage point as the Spirit swept across the mass of sea of people was simply stunning! So many receiving hope and freedom for the very first time! Breaking free of the chains and bondage of witch craft and hopelessness into life and glorious eternal life at that!

One of the main things that has stayed with me, is despite the sheer scale of everything, is the simplicity of it all. The Gospel. Plain and simple. It is the power of God. And as it was preached He showed up and did what He does best! Lives made new and restored. Simply stunning. On earth as it is in Heaven! The Kingdom at hand with the King on the throne. It really is all about Jesus. It is so easy to get caught up with all our politics and programmes, but at the end of the day I have a new found love for the simplicity of the Gospel. Jesus Christ alive and reigning! It is time to keep the main thing the main thing. It really is all about Jesus! And I for one am ready to see this awakening come to the UK to see Jesus get what He paid for!



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David Chambers

Born and raised in a vibrant Christian community. I have just spent the last three years living in California, graduating Bethel school of supernatural ministry, which was a life changing experience! I have a heart to see the broken restored.

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