October 10, 2014



There was a very popular TV program in the USA called “24”. It was about a US agent that saves America and the world in just 24 hours, and he did this several times till the show was canceled. What was always amazing was all he did in just 24 hours to save the day. How did this agent manage to fight bad guys, defuse bombs, travel from one side of America to another, bring bad guys into HQ for questioning, and in the last hour save the day and the 24 hours were now complete. Truly the perspective of time in the world of film making is different from the real world of time. 

As of today we are 24 days away from traveling to Ghana Africa to be part of one of the most powerful evangelistic ministries on earth today, #CFAN. My wife and I still have many other things to do in preparation for our trip.  Recently we  got our vaccinations (I did not do well with that, but my wife came out smiling), submitted our applications for Visas(in order to enter the country), and our airline ticket were confirmed(it will be a long day of travel). There are still other things we must tend to and time is slipping away. How did Jack Bauer do it?

Stay tuned for an other installment in a few days.



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