November 9, 2014

Kumasi baptised in Holy Spirit (Day 3)

The CfaN fire conference may have ended this morning in Kumasi. But Holy Spirit fire has just been ignited, in the hearts of the church leaders here, as they received the baptism of Holy Spirit. Daniel Kolenda closed the conference by laying hands on hundreds of senior church leaders. Who then were encouraged to do the same, for many other church leaders. Thousands of leaders have been equipped and uplifted, over the last 3 days. With an explosion of new believers, this part of CfaN’s ministry is vital, as churches will be overflowing after the Crusade has finished.

I’ve not mentioned much about the Ghanaian praise and worship in the blogs so far, but Rachel and I, found this very vibrant and different to anything we’ve experienced. Although we have certainly enjoyed the different expression. Really appreciated some of the leaders who celebrated Jesus with their dancing. Especially an elderly leader, who out danced all the others with great joy of The Lord. Not sure of his name, but posted a picture (2nd picture down). The Kumasi people know how to party for Jesus!

Another significant move of God tonight, at the Great Gospel crusade. Around 300,000 came. With thousands giving their lives to The Lord and receiving the baptism of Holy Spirit. We’re hoping and praying that even more come for the final day. So blessed and thankful to be here.

Also big thank you to David Chambers (bottom picture far right) and Werner De Jager (bottom picture far left) for your help, friendship and insightful discussion, on our trip to Ghana. Bottom picture was taken on day 2 of campaign.





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