November 10, 2014

The Great Crusade Kumasi (Final Day)

All of our experiences this week with CfaN, have been significant. Both Rachel and I, tried to take in as much as possible. A key aim was to receive everything God had for us. Not taking any part of this adventure for granted. And we’ve been filled with hope and joy, at the whole experience.

The morning devotionals led by Daniel Kolenda and with the CfaN team, have always had great depth. Today Peter Van Den Berg led communion, which for us, was a wonderful way to finish. You can only be challenged and grow, by spending time with such a hungry and focused team of Christians. (1st , 2nd picture)

To finish the week off we travelled for the last time, to the Great Crusade in Kumasi, which has gone above and beyond its title this week. This 4 day Crusade has been much more than great. It’s been exceptional. We could never have imagined, what a mighty move of God it would be. I’ve never witnessed so many miracles and healings taking place, in such a short period of time. Truly astounding.

But the greatest miracle received, for many people of Kumasi, over the past 4 days, has been the miracle of salvation. It’s not been confirmed yet how many people exactly, have given their lives to Jesus. Over the past 4 days those who gave their lives to Jesus, we’re asked by Daniel to raise their hands. You could see 1000’s upon 1000’s had responded to the Full Gospel message. Praise The Lord.

Right at the end of the evening. I got to climb on a container to see the vastness of the crowd that came tonight. It really was a sight to behold. We will never forget our time here, and neither will thousands of people from Kumasi. A celebration of the power of Jesus.









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