October 11, 2012

About the Winners: Stephen Salmon (UK)

I grew up in my family owned pub in Bolton where I had a normal life. When I was about 14 I started smoking, drinking and getting into petty crime. By 16 this was escalating and I got to a point where I was using heroin everyday, needing it to feel sane (so I thought). It was this year I overdosed for the first time.

I woke up in hospital, wires coming out of my body from everywhere. After a week I was released. I managed to stay away from heroin for a month then before I knew it; I was a user once again. This time selling it and stealing to support my habit. Over the next few years I overdosed 3 more time the last overdose resulting in an injection in the heart to bring me back to life.

I remember my dad saying to me there is someone looking after you upstairs (they were my dad’s words). This shook me up, but still didn’t stop me using.

There I was again, using heroin and praying that when I am in court they would send me to prison. I got two years and whilst in prison I decided to get clean. I needed to change my life, so when I was released ,i booked a flight to Tenerife. Over the next 8 years although clean from heroin, my life was a party of country hopping, drinking and using other recreational drugs. Finally after a failed marriage and the birth of my son I went back to Tenerife where I ended up on the streets.

I was offered the chance to go to a Christian rehabilitation centre. Whilst in there, I started to read my bible and other peoples testimony’s of what Jesus did for them, What God can do with broken life’s amazes me. I gave him my life and he began restoring me after 15months rehabilitation. I went to work at a Christian drop in centre helping people who I had once been like it felt amazing to be giving back.

I moved to Epsom 3 years ago, where I now live with my wife. since coming back I have established a homeless drop in centre were we show Christ in actions, which is seeing amazing fruit! we are now joining a team of people that shall be planting a church in Kingston upon Thames, where we plan to spread the Gospel, to the high society and the down trodden. God is working through my cracks, which now shines the light of Jesus out :)

About the Author

Stephen Salmon

The 2012 UK winner. He grew up in his family's pub in Bolton, has been through some rough times, and is now a part of a homeless drop centre and a church plant in Kingston.




    I am so happy that Jesus is sending you on this trip ! I am so happy you have been set free ! Blessings to you !



    That is so Awesome! What a Wonderful Testimony. Congratulations Brother!! I know you are going to have a Glorious Experience in Africa!


    Anita Margaret

    Confirmation! A second Anita is praying for you.
    More Blessings from the Lord Jesus Christ, Yeshua,. Thank you, Lord, for the Legion of Guardian Angels that will be protecting Stephen We pray for the peace of Jerusalem and the country of Israel.


    Cheryl Egan

    Since this trip was announced, I have been praying that God would cause exactly the right person to win – a person whose life would be changed and their vision for souls would be exponentially increased – as I read your HIStory it is clear you are the person for whom I have been praying. Praying God would work through you and your wife to bring many souls to Jesus.


    Roz Jeffery

    Lots of love from us all in Silencio Church Tenerife to you both for this amazing opportunity to spread the gospel. Praise the Lord!



    Wow what an, ‘awesome story’ Your story will lead many users to the Lord, I thank you, for telling your story. Never stop and look back at that life,



    Congratulations on the competition brother pray it blesses you abundantly and that you carry the enormous blessing back from africa to touch the uk shore… big love in christ and may the joy of the Lord be your strength.. ps tell reinhard and the team I send my blessings


    Susan Burgoyne

    May The Lord open many more doors for you as you go about saving the lost souls for Jesus. Thank you for your blog. Am so glad Father God didn’t let the moss grow back on your heart in the time following your trip. Please keep us posted as to how your ministry progresses. Stay Blessed in Christ Jesus. Sue.


    darren bailey

    you do not mention if you are helping with your son now,maybe look after your own problems in house before trying to help others

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