November 9, 2012

Can you feel the fire!!! YAY

Praise The Lord for this amazing opportunity! I say from the bottom of my heart that I am having the best time of my life! There is no money that can buy what God is doing in the lives o the people of Ethiopia and mine and Claire’s life!! Last night at the crusade was amazing, there was many many healing’s taking place. The Holy Spirit really has been felt in His glory and authority! We are seeing the love of Christ manifested and planted deep in the hearts of the Ethiopians. This morning at the fire conference Jesus opened he heavens ;) the message’s that Daniel and Peter preached were direct from the throne room! The passion being stirred up this morning, in anticipation for the baptism in the Holy Spirit tomorrow morning.. Pray that God anoints men and women to play there part in transforming Ethiopia…

About the Author

Stephen Salmon

The 2012 UK winner. He grew up in his family's pub in Bolton, has been through some rough times, and is now a part of a homeless drop centre and a church plant in Kingston.




    Yes, I can feel the fire, lol by proxy…
    So glad to hear that the love of God is being planted deep in the hearts of the Ethiopians…
    Sigh… Daniel keeps talking of using this “window” of opportunity to reap harvests in Africa. I’m so glad that C4AN does that follow up thing, to help seeds germinate and grow!

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