November 12, 2012

Bye bye Ethiopia

Delight in The Lord and he will grant you ur hearts desires! Lord God you are worthy of our praise! All the glory and all the honour is yours! It has now come to the day of packing and heading back home to the local mission field. I am full of fire, praise The Lord. This truly has been a trip full of fire and passion rooted deep in King Jesus glory! So many healing’s, so many souls have been introduced to the living King of kings hallelujah and so many people now have security of eternity in the Kingdom of God! I would like to thank all the CfaN team for being very loving and caring, especially Richard and Kevin from the UK team that have made me and Claire feel so welcome, you guys rock ;) I would like to pray for Reinhard, Daniel and Peter, I pray that the king of glory pours out more wisdoms and revelation of who you are in Christ Jesus! That Jesus places a hedge of protection around you so that no weapon formed against you shall rise and prosper in their the name of Jesus

About the Author

Stephen Salmon

The 2012 UK winner. He grew up in his family's pub in Bolton, has been through some rough times, and is now a part of a homeless drop centre and a church plant in Kingston.

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    Susan Burgoyne

    Well. Let’s start the ball rolling then. Thank you for your excellent account of what took plaace during the 2012 Crusade in Africa. Our God is a God Of Wonders! Many came to Jesus….and the Faith of the multitude was made FACT!!! Father God is so good to All His People, including yourselves. Hope this has left a lasting impression with you. Look forward to hearing how your ministry progresses. Stay Blessed in Christ Jesus. Sue.

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