November 19, 2012

Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God almighty!

I could tell you that the presence of God at the festival was like nothing Id ever felt, and the mighty healing hand of Jesus was all over the Addis Ababa and beyond, I could mention the love of our heavenly father for Africa ,just radiating from Reinhard Bonnke, I could write about the amazing teaching at the Fire conference and the out pouring of the Holy Spirit or the brotherly bonding with the Cfan team members as we were blessed with new Christ given friendships… But some how in writing none of this sums up the overwhelming magnitude of my experience of the 7 days and God just poured down blessing upon blessing on us, on Ethiopia and on anyone calling upon his name… and all of this in a crusade which looked to human eyes like it may never happen.. God however had plans..!

     I certainly had fire in my belly and a heart for the lost before going but experiencing this first hand and seeing just how greatly God can use me! I can honestly say that My life, My Ministry and the way I view Evangelism have changed for the better! Just by being in the presence of the Lord in the manner I was in Ethiopia will give me the desire to keep pushing deeper and harder for Jesus! One thing that i believe 100% is, that the God of Africa is the God of the UK and that we can see the same signs and wonders! This God given trip has impacted me to the level that I now believe in my heart of hearts that we are going to see revival in the UK and I am going to allow God to use me in every way and anyway He likes to fulfil this. My life is no longer mine but Christ! This trip has showed me that we need to be totally dependant on God! I want to reach the lost and show them the way to there heavenly Father and to King Jesus!

About the Author

Stephen Salmon

The 2012 UK winner. He grew up in his family's pub in Bolton, has been through some rough times, and is now a part of a homeless drop centre and a church plant in Kingston.



    Richard Betancourt

    I know this was written months ago, but I am reminded that “Jesus, is the same yesterday, today, and forever” Therefore, the will of God has not changed it is HIs desire that no one be lost. Lets all keep proclaiming the Gospel of Christ not as a memorial of what was but as a reality of what is happening today. HALLELUJAH!



    THIS IS IT!!!! I have been praying and asking God even fasting for an opportunity to be able to go do missions work aboard I have been waiting for The Lord Jesus Christ to open the door , I believe that this is the opportunity if God so sees fit to win this trip !!!! So I will be before the Lord giving him prayers of Thanksgiving and Honor Praise for equipping me do do his will in advance for allowing me to win this trip to do his work ,I will be about my Father’s business always and right now I thank him in advance and by faith that I will be chosen to be a laborer in his vineyard in his Holy and Matchelesss name Jesus Christ Of Nazereth that it is so Amen .
    Evangelist Bianca Jensen-Monroe
    Westport, CT 06881


    Susan Burgoyne

    Well done In Jesus’ Mighty Name. Alleluia! Look forward to hearing of your further exploits in Father’s Name. Stay Blessed in Christ Jesus. Sue.

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