November 3, 2013

The night before the beginning

My bags are packed, most my goodbyes are completed and now all that is left to do, is settle down for one last sleep in my own bed until the adventure begins in the morning.  I am left reflecting on Proverbs which tells us over and over that it is the Lord who guides our steps! I don’t always know all the steps and sometimes this can be unnerving, but one thing I do know, is while life can be a mystery, I can put my trust in the ONE who does know ALL!!
And so I am left marvelling at what an adventure I am about to embark on, an adventure I never planned or could have even imagined……..

About the Author

David Chambers

Born and raised in a vibrant Christian community. I have just spent the last three years living in California, graduating Bethel school of supernatural ministry, which was a life changing experience! I have a heart to see the broken restored.

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