November 5, 2013

Home Sweet Home – for the next week at least

We have arrived! After two long flights and a layover in Frankfurt we have finally touched down at our hotel in Accra, Ghana. It is dark outside now, but it was really neat to see the German countryside and the African deserts we flew over earlier. Definitely one of those times you hope for a window seat. We are thanking God for His travelling mercies as both flights were problem-free and we enjoyed getting to know some of the other crusade guests and CfAN team members. It was nice for a nervous flyer like myself to share an airplane with Evangelist Daniel Kolenda since I know that the Lord’s plans for this crusade are too great for anything to have happened :)… Definitely gave me just a little more peace. Unfortunately neither of us were able to sleep much on the plane and so we are hoping we will be able to sleep quickly and well now that we have reached our hotel.

So far the three things that stand out most to us about Ghana are:
1-Humidity – the moment we stepped off the airplane we felt the significant difference in air quality
2-Traffic – so very different from what we are used to. We are thankful to have had a police escort! We drove on the wrong side of the road in heavy traffic going about 80 miles an hour… With no working seatbelts! Josh qis used to the high speeds but it felt like a roller coaster to me.
3-Kindness – everybody we have encountered so far has been quick to smile and offer help. We already love the Ghanian people and can’t wait to see more of this country.

Thank you all for your prayers! We can’t wait to wake up and see Accra in the morning light and then the main event – a CfAN crusade we will be witnessing with our own eyes. It’s only 6pm back home but we are off the bed. Goodnight!

About the Author

Josh & Rachel Heineman

Joshua and Rachel Heineman were both raised in Christian families and met while in Kindergarten at a small Christian School. Having become One Soul Sponsors in 2012, the couple believes this trip to be "the opportunity of a lifetime" for them as they are able to see the harvest of their prayer and sponsorship, and they look forward to witnessing all that God has in store for Ghana!



    Sue-Arnie Heineman

    We are praying for you! We can’t wait to hear about all the blessings from God that you will witness and be part of! <3

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