November 8, 2013

Speechless!! Jesus really did get what He paid for!!

Where to begin……it’s almost hard to write a blog for tonight, there is simply so much that I could write about. Last night blew both mine and Jonathan’s minds, as for tonight; it has quite honestly impacted us both on a level that we never knew was possible. The shear volume of people in itself would impress anyone, the fact that ALL those gathered were hungry to hear the Gospel preached with power, signs and wonders, made it an experience that I struggle to articulate. When Daniel Kolenda brought a message on the power of The Blood, we know it really was going to be one powerful night!
There were so many amazing healings, salvations and deliverances, as people handed in their witchcraft paraphernalia, to have it burnt!!!

One thing that stood out tonight was an experience that we stumbled upon when standing within the crowd of people at the front. We could hear a mumouring, and hum of noise coming from the corner of the Independance Square. We approached an usher to enquire what the noise was? He calmly informed us of “the Prayer Warriors”! On closer inspection we found hundreds, literally HUNDREDS, of passionate people praying with a level of tenacity and commitment that neither of us have ever experienced. These people were gathered in the pitch black underneath a section of stadium seating praying, shouting and worshiping throughout the whole evening. The passion was tangible and I have no doubt whatsoever that they had Heaven’s full attention! One of the healings that utterly amazed us both was a lame man, whom Jonathan and I earlier had seen laying out on his matt in the crowd, got up and walked!! Jesus was moving in that place with sickness, witchcraft and disease bowing the knee. I am pretty sure neither of us will ever be the same!



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David Chambers

Born and raised in a vibrant Christian community. I have just spent the last three years living in California, graduating Bethel school of supernatural ministry, which was a life changing experience! I have a heart to see the broken restored.

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