November 9, 2013

Night two of the crusade and the final morning of the fire conference

Wow! Wow wow wow! Just as I thought I knew what this time in Accra was all about things just got so much more incredible. Last night was the second night of the crusade and the crowd nearly doubled with an official count of 90,000 people in attendance. In the morning devotions we were encouraged to go out from our comfortable stage seating into the crowd and it was truly a different experience altogether when we did so. From the stage the sights are amazing as I could see the crowd span from left to right with more people than I’ve ever witnessed assembled in one place – and seeing all of those faces and waving hands has been wonderful. But moving back into the crowd even just a little, it becomes the sounds that are really breathtaking. The people are so hungry, hanging onto every word. And their voices so enthusiastic and passionate as they shout “Amen! Hallelujah!”

The first night, Evangelist Daniel Kolenda encouraged the people to return again bringing any symbols of witchcraft or spirits from their homes and to throw them into large drums at the front. Then, towards the end of the service , the drums were filled with fuel and set ablaze – and what an intense blaze it was! I could feel the heat on my face but burning even more brightly than that fire were the hearts of the people who burst into song, cheers, and dance as the flames went up. They began to dance around the fires celebrating their freedom from those chains! Then Daniel Kolenda prayed and broke off every chain and curse and evil spirit from the land of Ghana and its people. It was so powerful. Amen!

This morning was a new and amazing experience for Josh and myself, and so many others from our group. Peter Van Den Berg preached on Elijah and Elisha and how Elisha was persistent in his desire to be where the power of God was and overcame his critics and even his own fears to take on the mantle of Elijah. God’s power doesn’t rest in clothing or any material article but in people! Elisha was just an ordinary man, like us. Peter encouraged us to, like Elisha, enlarge our vision and ask God for his maximum (like Elisha asked for a double portion of Elijah’s anointing).

All of the senior pastors and everyone from our group were called to the front of the crowd for Daniel to lay hands on and pray for us as we asked God for His Holy Spirit and power to come upon us. But as we received freely, we were then sent into the crowd to freely give the same to the people there. It was incredible and I still feel abuzz from it. I was really with the Ghanian people, meeting them face to face, touching their hands, hugging them….but more incredibly, I was being used to impart the Fire I had just received and something was actually happening! Haha!!! People began to speak in tongues and I could feel them begin to shake and cry and laugh and shout! Simply amazing. I am blown away by all that the Holy Spirit has done and is doing and we still have two nights to go!

I am so grateful to God for this wonderful opportunity. This trip is such a marvellous opportunity and it is something that we would very likely never have the chance to do without having won the trip. Thank you CfAN! From the bottom of my heart! And thank you Lord for this special early birthday preset :) I am so blessed!!

***picture from this morning’s group devotions***

About the Author

Josh & Rachel Heineman

Joshua and Rachel Heineman were both raised in Christian families and met while in Kindergarten at a small Christian School. Having become One Soul Sponsors in 2012, the couple believes this trip to be "the opportunity of a lifetime" for them as they are able to see the harvest of their prayer and sponsorship, and they look forward to witnessing all that God has in store for Ghana!

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