November 10, 2013

Media night

Saturday night (night 3) was absolutely incredible!!! Once again, thousands of people were welcomed into the kingdom of God with triumphant shouts of praise! Many reports of healing were shared, and Evangelist Daniel Kolenda shared the gospel with 110,000 Ghanian people hungry for Jesus.

This time we took part in the media for the crusade and also joined a small group for a walk around the entire square. As winners, we each recorded a short video urging others to apply for the trip next year. I really do encourage everyone to apply! We had no idea we would be participating in this extraordinary event up until two months ago! But God knew!

The most spectacular part of the night….I cannot even explain. Please, I urge you to watch the video “deaf Muslim ears opened in Jesus’ name”. You will be blown away not only by the healing testimony but by the profession of Jesus as the Son of God by a Muslim. Praise The Lord! It was one of the most exciting moments not only of the crusade and trip, but also that I’ve ever been witness to in my life!

I cannot wait to tell you about our final night of crusade tomorrow! It is bittersweet to think of leaving this amazing place, but this is just the beginning of a great move of God in the nation of Ghana! Amen!

About the Author

Josh & Rachel Heineman

Joshua and Rachel Heineman were both raised in Christian families and met while in Kindergarten at a small Christian School. Having become One Soul Sponsors in 2012, the couple believes this trip to be "the opportunity of a lifetime" for them as they are able to see the harvest of their prayer and sponsorship, and they look forward to witnessing all that God has in store for Ghana!

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