November 10, 2013

The last night

Tonight was the last night of the crusade and it really was awesome! He really does leave the best till last. Tonight was by far the biggest crowd (still waiting for an official count) all teaming with hunger and fervency for the Gospel. As Daniel Kolenda preached out of Romans 8 (one of my personal favourite chapters) none were left in any doubt of His goodness and desire to bring them salvation, healing and deliverance. Jonathan and myself spent some time in the crowd and it was just wonderful to witness firsthand the passion and anticipation with which they hung on Daniel’s every word. It really was a joy to see them so eagerly desiring to have God move in their lives. The worship was electric and you could so sense the presence of God moving all over the field! There was so many miracles and healings with many coming forward to testify of the radical things that had taken place in their bodies, people who could not walk, walked and many others who had suffered from strokes and accidents regained mobility! Jesus really is THE Healer! For me to hear such a large multitude give their life to Jesus and receive their salvation was by far the biggest highlight. I am sure that myself and Jonathan really will never be the same again having witnessed firsthand so much! We are both so impressed with the whole CfaN team, who have to manage and navigate through something of that scale is nothing short of stunning! To God be all the glory!!


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David Chambers

Born and raised in a vibrant Christian community. I have just spent the last three years living in California, graduating Bethel school of supernatural ministry, which was a life changing experience! I have a heart to see the broken restored.

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