November 22, 2013


Well, well, well…. After about a week of jet-lag and settling back into the routine of life in Canada and with my little boy, I think it has finally all begun to settle in – all that I witnessed and was a part of in Ghana. But as I become re-accustomed to my regular routine, I pray that not everything would be like it was before this amazing adventure, but that many parts of my life would be transformed and this really would prove to be a life changing opportunity. I believe it will!

My heart is overflowing with joy at the miracles Jesus performed, but even more so for the souls He won! Thousands were welcomed into the Kingdom of God and I imagine that the celebrations in heaven were even more majestic, loud, and wild than the wonderful cheering, clapping, and dancing we did in Independence Square. Praise The Lord!

I am blown away by the passion and hunger for Jesus I saw. The Christians were on fire for The Lord and the unsaved were hungry for the Truth and Freedom that is Jesus. I pray that I begin to see that same fire in the Christians here in Toronto, Canada, starting with me. As soon as my feet touched down in Toronto I became tempted to hide behind the fear that people here are not desperate for Jesus like they are in Africa, but whether or not they realize it, I know that the people of Canada need Jesus just as much. And for the first time, I realize my role in presenting the Gospel to those around me.

When Daniel Kolenda shares the Gospel, people respond. Period. But it’s not him they are responding to, it is the Living Word, Jesus. Yes, Daniel is a great speaker and story-teller, but he is just a man, and I know Holy Spirit can use me to reach those He has placed in my life too. I need to remember that it is not about me – my strengths or weaknesses – but about Jesus. I’m just to point people towards Christ, sharing the Hope of the Gospel, and Holy Spirit will do the same great things that I witnessed in Accra. I encourage you to join me in praying that together we would become bolder in sharing Jesus with others and more passionate about winning souls for the Kingdom.

This trip was a blessing in so many ways. It encouraged me to seek the Lord more in my own walk and to spend more time in the Word. It was a wonderful time for my husband and I to enjoy giving our attention to one another rather than revolving around the needs of our little guy. It was a gift for me as a new mom to slow down and enjoy one moment at a time without all of the multitasking! It was just all around such an amazing trip and I am so very thankful to God and the CfaN team for this gift!

I pray that I will somehow be able to attend another CfaN crusade in the future, but until then, I will not waver in praying for the crusades and endeavours of this wonderful ministry!

Thank you for coming along for the ride! Maybe next year will be your turn! :) God bless you!

About the Author

Josh & Rachel Heineman

Joshua and Rachel Heineman were both raised in Christian families and met while in Kindergarten at a small Christian School. Having become One Soul Sponsors in 2012, the couple believes this trip to be "the opportunity of a lifetime" for them as they are able to see the harvest of their prayer and sponsorship, and they look forward to witnessing all that God has in store for Ghana!

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