November 8, 2013

In Awe

Wowwww! That is all I can say! Words cannot even begin to express what I’ve witnessed here in Ghana.
We began this morning (Thursday) with some powerful preaching by Daniel Kolenda and Peter. This was fantastic and really encouraging. It was the beginning of the Fire Conference where all the local pastors come along. We had a formal dinner on Wednesday night which was full of much singing and really joyful as well as really entertaining – we had a police escort to and from where we went on the wrong sides of the road, ran red lights and went really fast. I’m loving being apart of this so much.

Tonight we began the crusade, we had about 50,000 people attend and it was amazing to see so many coming to hear about Jesus, it was such a joy to see them praising God and singing and dancing. I got the VIP treatment from Steve and he showed me behind the scenes what goes on. I also got the privilege of going up on stage and getting my photo taken with Daniel. It was incredible to see just a sea of people everywhere and made me so excited. We saw God heal many people and several came up on stage to witness what God had done in their lives and how He had healed them, which was incredible.
We are expecting that the crowds will double each night which I cannot even begin to comprehend!! But I am absolutely loving every minute of it.


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