November 29, 2013

When it’s all been said and done

Trying to put my thoughts together into a small piece of writing about my experience in Ghana is near impossible. Words cannot even begin to describe just how incredible it was. I loved going to the crusade each night and the morning devotions and meetings. It was amazing and as if the Word, even though I’ve read it before and heard the same stories from the Bible were brand new. It gave me such a hunger for God, more than ever before and then to see all the people who turned out to hear this as well was inspiring. These people came from everywhere. I would never see something like this back home for a Gospel Crusade. But this was just awe inspiring. I can’t wipe the smile from my face thinking about it. The crowds were so enthusiastic each night and it was wonderful to see them building more and more each night, they did not grow tired either, standing up the entire time and during the praise dancing, and singing their hearts out. This was so awesome and something I will never forget and something I want to experience again.

The locals in Ghana are so beautiful, they are always greeting you with a smile and asking how you are/wishing you a good day which was just beautiful, I loved how everyone was so caring and genuine, something you don’t see at home. Then add to this the CfaN staff from all over, and you’ve got a wonderful team to be a part of. Everyone was so caring, so willing to chat and open to the ways of God. It was fantastic to be amongst so many people who love God! I think one of the main things I will not forget from my experience over there is seeing the Muslim man healed, this was wonderful and to see the changes in him and his passion and excitement was incredible. I’ve been so massively blessed by going on this crusade I would not change it for anything. I’d go again in a heartbeat and I’m so thankful I was blessed with the opportunity to go. If anything, this just further ignited the desire in my heart to want to see more of Africa. A loving, genuine people with a heart for God and for others. The experience of a lifetime and the tip of the iceberg for more adventures to come. I want to give a massive thankyou to everyone. You are all so wonderful and I thank you for blessing me and making my experience unforgettable.






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The AU 2013 winner.

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