November 6, 2013

Oh Africa

Wowwww! The crusade hasn’t even begun and already I am absolutely loving Africa! I love the people and and the sights and everything. It’s so different to back home and I really hate the poverty and how we take so much for granted, but I just love seeing everything. We went and visited the square where the crusade will be held and I am just awe struck to think it will be filled with people. They are all so excited when you talk to the locals because they know about the wonderful things God can do and so can’t wait to come and hear more. I love their faith and how passionate they are. When we go out, you see taxis everywhere and many of them have scriptures on them or statements like ‘God is in control’ this makes me smile a lot. I love seeing the mothers with their children wrapped around their back, they look so cute and I can’t get over just how friendly and vibrant the people are. We went to the market this morning and saw many of the hand fashioned crafts the people have made. It was really intense as people grab you and pull you into their stalls, but what they’re selling is lovely. One of the gorgeous local boys made me a bracelet – for free and even spelt my name correctly without me telling him. I thought that was really lovely and something I’ll be able to keep to remember my time in Ghana. It’s been lovely getting to know all the other winners and people travelling with the Cfan crew, so many different cultures and stories. Tonight the crusade begins, I’m so excited and am expecting great things. I know God has big plans and will do mighty things and already it has been such a blessing and so exciting.


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Jemima Box

The AU 2013 winner.

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